The Opening Ceremony of the First Wind Turbine in Lao PDR


The opening ceremony of the first wind turbine installation in Lao PDR witnessed by the Lao's Prime Minister


On November 9, 2023 Monsoon Wind Power Co., Ltd. held a ceremony of the first wind turbine installation witnessed by HE Prime Minister of Lao PDR Mr. Sonexay Siphandone accompanied by Mr. Leklai Sivilay, the central committee of the party, the secretary of the Sekong province, Mr. Nat Hutanuwatr, the Managing Director of Monsoon Wind Power Company and local communities at Daktrium village, Dakjueng district, Sekong province.


At the opening ceremony Mr. Nat Hutanuwatr said, "This pillar symbolizes cooperation between all parties, from the Lao government at the district, provincial and central government. As a symbol of pride that we are committed to producing wind turbines with international best practice be it design, construction, environmental and social standards and most importantly, this first wind turbine is a symbol of hope of the people surrounding the project to live a better life with a better economy either directly or indirectly that comes from the project's development.”